Hidden Fox Photography - Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey

Founder of Hidden Fox Photography

Gray Fox in Biddeford, ME

Photo Taken 3/3/2017

Hidden Fox Photography

Former Quality Auditor, Web Designer, and Corporate Accountant turned Nature Photographer and Shamanic Practitioner, Joel Bailey of Hidden Fox Photography can speak from experience when it comes to personal transformations.   

As the Father of three and a lifelong advocate for Scouting and other wilderness-based programs, love of the outdoors comes as second nature. Abandoning the 'Rat-Race' and finding ways to share that passion with others through Photography and one-on-one training in Shamanism, Herbalism, Dendrology, and other Nature-based skills has been a long road of self-discovery and deep personal faith.

Shamanic Practice is a foundational part of Joel's Photography work, and allows him to build rapport with the land and the creatures who dwell there.   Shamanism is about having respect for all life and all people, and helping others to discover their own place in the world and their own unique soul's purpose.       

Every person matters, and it is when communities come together and work for common goals than a real difference can be made in our World.   This the purpose behind Hidden Fox Photography - helping people to see and understand the interconnectedness between humanity and all of Nature...


Life is all about Transformation.

We are born and raised in this world knowing only what we are taught by our Environment.  Our parents, our siblings, our friends.  Eventually though, we all grow up.

Or do we?

In many ways, our modern culture has failed to provide any meaningful initiation into adulthood.  

There is little or no recognition of an individual's great value to a community and it's members - no celebration of that person's unique gifts and talents.  As a result we have a world where we are measured only by our job titles and our bank accounts, and we are taught to ignore our hearts in favor of so-called reason and rationality.

There is a better way.

What is Shamanism?

In it's simplest definition, Shamanic Practice means having a working relationship with one's Environment, and the unseen forces which surround us.

Throughout history, people of every culture and ethnicity have relied upon certain men and women who could navigate beyond the visible realm and seek answers from the unseen.  

For some, these were elemental spirits such as the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Others called upon ancient Deities and Fierce Clan Guardians.   Many sought the guidance of Forest Spirits, and passed-down legends of fantastical beings with otherworldly abilities.  Guardian Angels, Power Animals, and even beings such as Dragons have served as teachers, healers, and as personal sources of Wisdom for countless generations of human history.                 

While modern times have dramatically altered many cultures, those who seek connection with the Spirits of their ancestors will inevitably come into contact with some type of individual who served in a Shamanic capacity for their community.   Weather an herbalist, a seer, a 'Medicine Man', or simply a trusted visionary, humanity has depended upon and will continue to seek connection not only with the past, but more importantly guidance for the present and onwards into the future.

This is what Shamanism provides - An understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, so that we may truly understand ourselves and our place within the Universe.   Through this understanding we can discover our true selves, and bring our own gifts - our own 'Medicine'  to bear in this World which desperately needs it... 


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